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Expert Testimony

Andover Township Planning Board

Lake Hemlock Subdivision

Residential subdivision – 10 lots

Client: Westby Corporation
Testimony Including: EIS preparation, inventory of existing conditions, environmental assessment of sewerage disposal, water supply, drainage, noise, air, and construction impacts.
Bedminster Township Planning Board

Minor residential subdivision with variances

Client:Mr. Matt Marano
Testimony Including: Environmental assessment and variance application review, wetlands, endangered species (heron rookery), sewerage disposal, nitrate dilution, runoff.
Blairstown Planning Board

Seven lot residential subdivision

Client :Total Concept Development Corp.
Testimony Including: Environmental assessment on water quality (nonpoint source pollution), environmental assessment of detention basin on adjoining wetlands.
Borough of Netcong Planning Board

Furnace Commons – apartment complex

Use variance – minor subdivision and site plan

Client :Friends of Furnace Pond
Testimony Including: Wildlife biology, wood turtle habitat, conservation easements surrounding furnace pond, detention basin construction, thermal pollution, silt fencing installation, on-site wetlands and hydric soils.
Denville Planning Board

Rock Ridge Estates

Major residential subdivision

Client :Friends of Rock Ridge
Testimony Including: Impact on adjoining surface water bodies, impact on neighboring wells and slope stability, endangered species (Indiana Bat and Timber Rattlesnake habitat).
Fredon Township Planning Board

Red Barn Pet Supplies

Use variance

Client :Red Barn Farm
Testimony Including: Impacts of operation of raising rodents (rats and mice) for pet market, compliance with state laws regarding animal facility operation and the inspection of pet shops, health effects and the control of communicable diseases (hantavirus), rodent proofing methods, disinfection techniques.
Frelinghuysen Township Planning Board

Major residential/commercial subdivision

Client : Route 94 Development Corp.
Testimony Including: EIS preparation, soils description, detention basin suitability, groundwater availability, impact of UST used for home heating oil, suitability for septic systems, wildlife habitat.
Hardwick Township Planning Board

Lime Kill Estates

Major residential subdivision

Client :EMR Realty
Testimony Including: Preliminary assessment and site investigation (old farm dump), technical requirements and cleanup standards under NJDEP guidance document, soil logs, hazardous waste sampling.
Jefferson Town Council Public Hearing

Hunters Glen (Mase Mountain)

Zoned change, from residential zoning to business park zoning

Client :Friends of Holland Mountain
Testimony Including: Nonpoint source pollution, wastewater disposal, groundwater availability, and endangered species, adverse environmental impacts associated with increases of impervious surfaces.
Knowlton Township Planning Board

Knowlton Riverside Estates

Client :Total Concept Development Corp.
Testimony Including: EIS preparation, steep slopes, wetlands, suitability for septic systems and onsite wells, hydric soils and floodplain.
Hampton Township Zoning Board

Bulk Variance – Residential Use

Client : KSM Engineering
Testimony Including: Wetland Report preparation, GIS maps work, on and off-site wetlands, soils suitability for septic systems.